Home Monitoring Kit

Measure & Manage Your Blood Pressure

Monitoring your blood pressure at home is important for managing and preventing many health conditions.  Our goal is to ensure that our clinically validated blood pressure monitors are easy to use and accurate.

Advanced Weight Tracking

Whether your goal is to lose weight, control a chronic condition with your doctor, or you just want a reliable smart bathroom scale, Cardium’s digital scales make it simple to track and record your body weight.

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3 Things Your Heart Failure Patient Does Not Understand (and needs to…)

With any new or chronic diagnosis, your patient has a lot of education and information coming at them.  Heart Failure patients are no different. Whether it’s the nurses at the hospital, the Hospitalists, Cardiologists, etc.  There is no shortage of potential educators that are inundating them with information. Unfortunately though, somewhere in this onslaught of great information are 3 things that are most commonly misunderstood, misinformed, or just plain missing.
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Why am I Taking a Water Pill?

So you’ve been prescribed a water pill and don’t really understand why or how it works.  You have questions and we’re here to help. Let’s get into it. Hello, welcome to Transitional Cardiac Care.  I’m Jason Moran, and today we are talking about your water pill. So the “water pill” as it is commonly called, are diuretics, which is just a fancy medical term meaning they are intended to draw extra fluid out of the body and make you urinate or pee.  Diuretics come in different forms and are used for different reasons.
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