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Cardiac Monitoring Service


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Patient Centered Care

As a patient diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure it can feel impossible to live with this new way of life. We will help you navigate these changes and take control of your disease.

  • Education on the disease
  • Daily symptom management
  • Lifestyle Education
  • Education on medications
  • In-home education for the patients and their family/caregivers
  • Proper tools to identify exacerbation
  • Patient education binder

Medical Providers

We know you want the very best for your patients, it shows in your care and attention to detail everyday. We also know that compliance and understanding of disease processes, medications, and care plans is one of your biggest challenges to patient outcomes.

Cardium is your answer to:

  • Early recognition
  • Immediate intervention
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Patient education
  • Care Plan initiation and follow through
  • Trending and reporting
  • Compliance encouragement

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