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Cardium is dedicated to providing in-home vital sign monitoring and patient education for the purposes of improving your quality of life. We know that diseases like heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, and more can be incredibly overwhelming. Our team of Nurses, and Physicians will monitor your vitals daily and provide on the spot education and intervention to ensure the best possible outcomes, preventing you from having to return to the hospital.  Independence is important to a high quality of life and you shouldn’t be limited by illness.  Thats why when you join Cardium, you’ll have a team of medical professionals dedicated to assisting you with education, life style choices, medication management, dietary options, and access to a medical provider through video format without having to sit in another waiting room.

You are not your disease, and Cardium is dedicated to giving you back your life.  Our monitoring system allows us to detect the very earliest signs of exacerbation long before you begin to experience the symptoms.  Many times this can be corrected with a simple medication adjustment requiring no further doctors visit or effort on your part.

Take back your life, and take back your independence.  Let Cardium be the link that has been missing in your health care management and join today.

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  • “The (heart) transplant was successful in part because of how well you compensated his heart failure”
    - Justin A. (Heart Transplant Team)
  • “Cardium is a unique and convenient at home alternative to cardiac rehab. It helps you understand your condition and improve your cardiac health.”
    - Bin, D.
  • “Honestly, I feel better than I have in months”
    - James W.
  • “Yay, this makes my life easier! Thanks so much!!!"
    - Janet L.
  • “This is just so much better than what we were doing before!”
    - Helen P.
  • “This is exactly what my patients have been needing!”
    - Dr. “R” (Cardiologist)
  • “Ok, I’m impressed. You’ve made me a believer”
    - Dr. “D” (Cardiologist)
  • “No one has ever explained it to me like this before. Now it makes sense”
    - Debra K.