Cardium is a home-based cardiac education and monitoring service.

Real Time, HIPAA-approved cardiac monitoring

Medication Management

Real Time Cardiac Nursing Care

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  • “The (heart) transplant was successful in part because of how well you compensated his heart failure”
    - Justin A. (Heart Transplant Team)
  • “Cardium is a unique and convenient at home alternative to cardiac rehab. It helps you understand your condition and improve your cardiac health.”
    - Bin, D.
  • “Honestly, I feel better than I have in months”
    - James W.
  • “Yay, this makes my life easier! Thanks so much!!!"
    - Janet L.
  • “This is just so much better than what we were doing before!”
    - Helen P.
  • “This is exactly what my patients have been needing!”
    - Dr. “R” (Cardiologist)
  • “Ok, I’m impressed. You’ve made me a believer”
    - Dr. “D” (Cardiologist)
  • “No one has ever explained it to me like this before. Now it makes sense”
    - Debra K.

Cardium™ Software

We provide Real Time Tracking online of the patient’s daily vital signs, health statistics, and symptoms.

Home Monitoring Kit

Measure and Monitor your blood pressure and weight with our Bluetooth Home Monitoring Kit.

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Cardium™ Cardiac Recovery

We provide Real Time Tracking online of the patient’s daily vital signs, health statistics, and symptoms.



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Learn why Remote Patient Monitoring is the answer that healthcare has been looking for. Discover how Cardium is your solution to reducing readmission rates, improving patient outcomes, and giving people a better quality of life.

Remote Patient Monitoring Makes The Difference

Reducing readmission rates and improving patient outcomes means getting the challenges of healthcare out of your patients way. With Cardium remote patient monitoring system we improve compliance, education, and access to medical care.

The CMS (Center for Medicare and medicaid Services) reports that the heart failure population has a 24-28% readmission rate within 30 days of discharge and up to 50% readmission rate within 6 months of discharge.

Our Cardium monitoring system is specially designed to detect early warning signs in this population. We reduce readmission rates by providing early recognition, immediate intervention, and patient advocacy.

Our online and in home remote education and monitoring service. Using our proprietary and HIPAA compliant Cardium program we are able to accurately track the patient’s vital signs daily to effectively identify early signs of exacerbation. Through integration with physicians we can immediately adjust the treatment plan to avoid readmission into the hospital.

Our on demand patient focused educational portal allows patient and family members access to all the education they will need to properly manage their disease from the comfort of their own home.

The transition from hospital to home is a complex journey due to a number of variables including patient characteristics, differing levels of social frailty and vulnerability, and health care system characteristics. Continuity of care is most critical during the patient’s transition from the institutional acute care setting to the community.

Your patients need a knowledgeable friend in their corner that is monitoring their condition for signs of exacerbation and can intervene right away. Cardium offers everything your Cardiac rehab patient needs to recover safely at home and foster the best possible outcome.

Patient Education

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